Who are we

Samcorp is a Peruvian-Chinese business group with over 40 years of experience leading the market. We are committed to our corporate development, as well as that of our collaborators, and the country.  

Our Companies



Company dedicated to the commercialization of high quality heavy machinery.

icono mr shao.png

Mr. Shao

Casual Chinese food restaurant offering the best variety of dishes to share with the entire family. 

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Platform that promotes economic, politic, and cultural exchange between China and Latin America.

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Restaurante Oriental Lung Fung

One of the best Chinese food restaurants in Peru.                                                



Real estate company with innovative corporate headquarters and offices.                                   


Social Responsibility

At Samcorp we worry about the impact we generate in our environment, that is why we offer various programs on social responsibility, in which our collaborators interact in a positive manner for the benefit of our community. 


Work with us

Our collaborators are the key to our success. If you want to join our corporation, contact us.